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Active Working


With 70% of sedentary behaviour taking place at work, the Public Health England and Active Working CIC have published a Consensus Expert Statement providing guidance for employers and staff working in office environments to combat [...]

What is the difference between a physio who works in occupational health and an occupational health physio?


I’m often asked by customers and by our professional colleagues in occupational health whether a physiotherapist who is trained in good musculoskeletal skills is qualified to work in the occupational health environment? The answer is [...]

Fake News. Standing desks are bad for your health, and a waste of money

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I have read recently 2 articles written by upstanding professional people stating that standing to work is less healthy than sitting and therefore the concept of sit stand working is wrong. One therefore is lead [...]

Had staff off long-term sick? Here’s how we help you manage their return to work


There’s an increasing awareness by employers that a well-supported return to the workplace after a protracted illness can aid a person’s recovery and prevent a relapse. This will also help your business be successful (reduce [...]