The ergonomic office furniture industry is completely bonkers

For several years now I have thoughts that the world of office ergonomic furniture is at best odd and worst bonkers. I am very glad to see in the last few months 2 colleagues who I greatly respect and admire from the world of occupational health (Jean Fisher) and furniture sales (Guy Osmond) are both [...]


Why are sit stand desks so poorly used?

Sit stand desks are the normal across northern Europe particularly in the Scandinavian countries. In Denmark they are legally mandated three for all employers to supply them the evidence is now strong that sits down working and active working strategies are important tools in combating the increase in obesity in the UK and the dramatic [...]


What gyms don’t want you to know about exercise

There is now widespread acknowledgement that as a population we are overly sedentary and that to avoid preventable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease we need to be more active. Government campaigns are being sponsored to improve awareness of the importance of activity, and a good diet. Currently in the UK 24.9% of the [...]


Fake News. Standing desks are bad for your health, and a waste of money

I have read recently 2 articles written by upstanding professional people stating that standing to work is less healthy than sitting and therefore the concept of sit stand working is wrong. One therefore is lead to conclude that the whole industry of standing desks and active working is flawed and should shut up shop and [...]

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