There is a growing bank of evidence that is suggest that the idea has merit, and may be a pawsable way of reducing work stress, and encouraging active working in employees. We have long advocated at (Workspace Health / Sun Rehabilitation) the health benefits of active working and productivity and health benefits of getting people to move more at work. I therefore decided to investigate the idea further (with Elsa, our Flat Coat retrievers assistance of course).

Firstly, did you know that in the UK it is “Bring your dog to work day” on 23rd June 2017? This charity aims to raise awareness of the benefits of taking pets to work, and to raise funds for animal charities. So what are the benefits?

  1. The University of Virginia Commonwealth in 2012 reported that workers who brought their dogs into work were considerable less stressed than workers without dogs. (Source:Guardian)
  2. According the PDSA 88% of health professionals they asked stated that having a dog at work would be healthy, and that it would probably reduce sickness absence and increase productivity.
  3. Nestle in the UK state that taking your dog to work have better moral, wellbeing, and productivity as part of their Pet at work program.

But hang on to the lead for a moment; what about the dangers? There are 5.4 million people in the UK according the Many of these are going to be allergic to pets. Less seriously, what about those woopsies, and dogs on the prowl for morsels of the high quality diet that the average Uk office work consumes? As with all thing there needs to balance, consideration and respect for others, and a good old risk assessment. But, I for one am convinced the benefits are there in the evidence and from experience. Elsa will come into the office with me on 23rd June and we will report back, along with the views of my staff (who are all pet people and risk assessment is done).