Is Wellbeing a fashion trend or a positive contribution to the health of our working population?

Anyone who attended The Health & Well-being Show at the NEC recently could not help to have been struck by the number of stands and number of speakers promoting well-being at work. There were lots of stands with similar looking bells and whistles that churned out a myriad of data about the health of the [...]

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Is this fake news or a genuine contribution to the debate on sit stand office working?

On 23rd February 2018, The Telegraph online ran the story below. It is extracted from a recently published article in Ergonomics Journal which is a quality publication, with the research done at the highly respected Curtin University in Australia. I recommend you read it, and would also value your comments as to the ladies working [...]

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SEQOHS Accreditation Achieved

I am proud to announce that Sun Rehabilitation are now a SEQOHS accredited musculoskeletal occupational health provider supplying companies throughout the UK with proactive and reactive innovative MSK quality solutions to help businesses reduce the burden of work absence and work restrictions. I would like to thank everyone in the Sun Rehab team that have been [...]

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Active Working

Did you know, 70% of your Sedentary Behaviour takes place at the Office? Over the past five years, an increased amount of evidence has been published on the links between sedentary living, including time at work, and the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. In 2015, this evidence encouraged The Public Health England and Active [...]

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Why you would want to work for Sun Rehab.

I decided I needed a change after several months of coming home complaining about my day at work. In my previous job I felt unvalued with no opportunity to develop my skills as a practitioner. The workload was draining due to NHS waiting list demands and the constraints of 20-minute appointments. My colleague described it [...]

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What is the difference between a physio who works in occupational health and an occupational health physio?

I’m often asked by customers and by our professional colleagues in occupational health whether a physiotherapist who is trained in good musculoskeletal skills is qualified to work in the occupational health environment? The answer is yes any Chartered Physiotherapist as able to do occupational health work, if you are only looking for a treatment or [...]

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Do pictures give us false news?

Best practice guidelines have for many years now advised against routine MRI scanning for non-specific back pain as it is not an accurate diagnostic tool. Clinicians though regularly have requests from patients concerned that their back pain is not improving and that they wish to have an MRI to diagnose their condition. There is a [...]

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Fake News. Standing desks are bad for your health, and a waste of money

I have read recently 2 articles written by upstanding professional people stating that standing to work is less healthy than sitting and therefore the concept of sit stand working is wrong. One therefore is lead to conclude that the whole industry of standing desks and active working is flawed and should shut up shop and [...]

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