Be Proactive and Not Reactive

Being proactive in the prevention of injury we would argue is often more important than trying to resolve issues that have already arisen.  This mitigates the cost of loss production and claims resulting from poor job design.


We offer assessments in the following areas to define good working practise and good working positions to limit the potential of injury due to poor workplace design and processes.

Display screen equipment (DSE) assessments

We are not tied to a furniture supplier, so we are not under pressure to prescribed furniture and adoptions that are not required.  We often find that with even complex situations that only minor adjustments are often needed to make a significant difference to the health and well-being of the employee. We encourage all our assessors who are Chartered and HCPC registered Physiotherapists with specialist training in occupational health to think laterally and solve problems rather than just pacify the symptoms. All reports are peer review by senior staff who not only have a deep understanding of occupational health and physiotherapy but are also experts in ergonomic furniture industry.

We encourage companies to use standard DSE forms, which we will provide free of charge for the workforce to complete before we become involved in any specific cases.

Car/Van assessments

There is a growing concern for many companies, where employees are claiming pain and injury from the sitting position in their cars and vans.

On request we will assess both the person and the vehicle and come to a conclusion whether the vehicle is the causative factor or not.

We will also advise the employee on how to reduce the symptoms either by changing the way they sit or drive the vehicle, or by self management protocols such as specific exercises or stretching at home.

All reports are peer review by our senior physiotherapy staff to ensure quality.

Full Production/Process Ergonomic Reviews

We have specialist staff that are not only experienced occupational health chartered physiotherapists, but also have postgraduate qualifications in ergonomics.

On request we will happily review any size of job from one particular process on the production line to the whole production area and then present the results to the production engineers and management for their consideration.

We believe that without the input from the production engineers and the employees themselves during these assessments, the reports are often filed away without actions simply because the recommendations are impractical to apply in the real world.

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