Evidence based portable testing systems

This is an essential tool in the management of the most complex musculoskeletal cases, and gives the reader of the reports an evidenced based objective profile of the employee’s ability to work. From these results we are able to give clear objective evidenced based guidance as to whether an employee is able to perform specific job roles. The system we use was created by Keith Blankenship who invented FCE some 30 years ago, and has recently updated his ideas. We are the only company in the UK using the latest ‘Blankenship’ methods.

Sun Rehabilitation has invested in portable testing systems which can be used at any location in the UK or Europe. All tests are administered by specifically trained Occupational Health experienced Chartered Physiotherapists, and are often done in the employee’s workplace where the Physiotherapist can also view the job that is to be performed, so that testing can be rigged specifically to replicate the job.

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