Ensure your workforce is fit and healthy

Our Functional Restoration Programme service is called “Reactivation” as that what it does to our clients who come on our course with chronic conditions. With an ageing workforce, restricted working is becoming more of an issue as employees are not able to tolerate the workloads they could when they were younger. Over the next 10 years, the ageing work forces are to become one of the major issues in British industry, and so action needs to be taken to ensure that all work forces are as fit as possible, and that production processes are as least stressful as possible.

Our highly evidence-based system involves a work hardening programme, with psychological support. Initially, there is a detailed assessment and measurements taken to ascertain the level of function of the employee. Goals are then set by the employee and the assessor for them to achieve over the next eight weeks. The employees are then invited to work with a motivational fitness instructor to maximise his/her improvement.

Performing these programs on-site is a lot more cost-effective than external programs at regional centres in terms of cost and in lost working hours. Large numbers of employees required on the programme is not necessarily a barrier to the programme commencing.