Have you ever suggested a Pyjama day? The look of disgust on people’s faces when you suggest coming to work in the clothes you’ve just slept in.

Imagine being a Home Worker!

Currently, there are four million people working remotely. This figure has been rising significantly over the last decade, with predictions, conducted by OddsMonkey that 50% of UK employees will be working in part, remotely by 2020.

Defined by the International Labour Organization as people working from their home or from other premises of their choosing other than the workplace, employees no longer start and finish at the office door.

With an increase in flexible working, hours included, it’s now time to consider a more holistic approach to employees and their wellbeing.

According to a survey conducted by BHSF, Home-Working means you are:
More Engaged
More Productive

However, are they receiving the same Ergonomic support as their in-house counterparts?

37% of Home Workers have experienced NEW back pain since working from home. Maybe working hunched over in your Shaun the Sheep blanket wasn’t a good idea after all.

It is imperative all have access to equipment that supports them correctly. After all, what is your Business without its Staff?

Adjustable in Height
Adjustable Back Support

At Eye Level

Separate Keyboard
Laptop Riser

‘Fancy a Coffee?’

In an Office, movement comes naturally – walking to Meetings, grabbing a Coffee. Home Workers need to recreate this movement, for example, standing or walking around during long phone calls.

You might think a company’s biggest worry is slacking off. However, as the Manager is no longer sitting opposite from their Colleague, they can’t look into their eyes and see burnout. Or, the lack of isolation they may be feeling.

All issues that affect an Employee’s health should be of importance. Different workplaces will have different mixes of Mental Health to Musculoskeletal issues. Many chronic Musculoskeletal disorders have Mental Health issues overlaid into them. To think of them as two different entities is often, misleading.

To combat physical separation, a variety of Digital products are available. This helps your Office watercooler chats and also welcomes the ability to share documentation and celebrate milestones.

It is a company’s provocative to ensure a DSE Assessment is undertaken every couple of years. This accounts for changing circumstances and also allows you to provide the most relevant support. Preaching breaks, including for Lunch, will ensure the productivity of your team is continually maintained. Even if their break includes changing out of their Pyjama’s!