National Network of Physiotherapy Practices

Sun Rehabilitation prides itself for its national network of physiotherapy practitioners we have around the country. These dedicated professional practitioners are among the finest in the UK and have consistently delivered excellent and timely case resolutions for us over the last 10 years.  Unlike our competitors who often believe that more is merrier in a national network of practitioners  we believe that, on balance, a patient and his/her employer would prefer to travel slightly further to see a recommended practitioner rather than the nearest one available. We believe that by hand picking practitioners and working with only one practice in each town/city or location we can deliver a higher quality of service.

The national network is in line with a traditional model of delivering a physiotherapy service, but with an emphasis placed on the psycho-social model of care. All referrals are managed from our central offices with all appointments for assessment and treatment being coordinated by this central resource.  All our interventions will result in a report being prepared for the company defining what the issues that the employee has and a recommended pathway to recovery, including what the employee is capable of doing. An emphasis is placed in our reports on the use of plain English with straightforward unambiguous advice.

All treatments must be clinically reasoned and justified to ensure that time lines for recovery are in line with best practice guidelines and that costs are controlled. If we are provided with a job description we can also advise on capability to work and any requirements for temporary adjustments (restrictions). This clinical process is underpinned by a peer group review where all cases are independently assessed by one of our in house occupational health chartered physiotherapists