Remote Physiotherapy Case Management

Sun Rehabilitation provides a remote assessment and rehabilitation service using only highly qualified chartered physiotherapists who are health & care professions council (HCPC) registered. Our aim is to give quality and value for money to our customers

Sun Rehabilitation delivers a telephone, video or face-to-face case management service. Using a combination of both our occupational health and physiotherapy skills we can facilitate a return to work for employees suffering from musculoskeletal conditions.

Early Return

To facilitate an early return to work, it is essential that employees are guided from the first week of absence towards a successful recovery and return to work. The case manager links between the company, the employee and his/her health carers to coordinate and ensure that the employee does not spend more time than necessary absent from work. If proactive advice and treatment is not being supplied by the GP or other NHS service, we will offer this to encourage the employee to work towards their own recovery for the good of themselves, and a return to work.

Most of all our aim is to give quality and fantastic value for money to our customers.

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Remote musculoskeletal service

Using a telephone or video based MSK OH Rehabilitation service is an effective way of delivering the required treatment when an employee is unable to travel to an onsite clinic.  The MSK OH Physiotherapist acts as a liaison between the company and the employee. They co-ordinate the intervention supporting a rapid recovery and return to work following injury.

In cases where the workforce is spread across the UK, the use of a Remote Physiotherapy Rehabilitation service for assessment and treatment is highly appropriate and beneficial.  In many cases a simple telephone consultation, and assessment followed by reassurance and the appropriate guidance is all that is required to assist a full recovery.

“The whole experience and quality of service is exceptional and certainly meets the needs and the requirements within the organization”

Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police

Why use a Remote Physiotherapy Service?

The benefits of using a remote physiotherapy service

  • It is extremely cost effective

  • It can provide an effective best practice treatment regime that does not “medicalise” patients.

  • You have a rapid response time of a maximum 2 working days from receiving the referral to initial contact, and assessment.

  • You receive a report that is issued within 2 days of the assessment being completed.

  • All the reports are peer group reviewed by our lead therapists to ensure a consistently high quality

  • It can meet the needs of organisations that have a multi-sited business or employees covering a large geographical spread

  • A large number of calls are made in the evening. Talking to the patient whilst they are at home limits lost time at work.

  • The advice is sent to an employee’s smart phones using video tutorials, pictures and text to facilitate a recovery