Sun Rehabilitation is lead by that rare individual; a clinician who is able to combine vast clinical knowledge and experience with keen business acumen. Stuart Nottingham is more than a hands-on physiotherapist; he understands the philosophy that healing takes place in more than just the tissues, and that pain and function are affected by many more factors than tissue inflammation. Sun Rehabilitation understands the time and commercial pressures that businesses have to work under, and will work alongside you to reduce the costs to your business caused by musculo-skeletal problems. That’s the bottom line.

Sun Rehabilitation aims for rapid resolution and restoration of function. it does not believe in ‘open ended’ repeat appointments. As such this is a service provider who ought to attract businesses interested in getting great value for money.

I am a consultant in Occupational Medicine and my professional relationship with Stuart Nottingham and Sun Rehabilitation extends back over many years. In all of that time I have never known him deliver anything but the highest standard of professional care in a timely and knowledgeable fashion – and his UK-wide operation reflects his exemplary standards and ethics.