Musculoskeletal Training Services

We take a different approach to education by using trainers who are experts in anatomy and ergonomics.

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Manual handling and lifting

To date, all the scientific evidence points to the fact that manual handling and lifting training does not work. We believe that this is partly because of the way that manual handling training is delivered in the UK, and that a radical rethink is required with how to get the messages of good practice across to a workforce.

We believe that training should be delivered by trainers who understand anatomy and ergonomics in detail. We also believe that training should be specific to the workforce been trained, rather than a generic ‘death by PowerPoint’.

Clearly, some theoretical training must be done as part of the package, but the practical elements of the training must be on the shop floor, where the workforce performs their daily tasks and deal with the problems that the workforce are having rather than what the trainer wants to train.

We have developed a package of training which is as economic as traditional training, but delivers real-world training for real-world problems.

Please call us today to discuss how we can help you deliver manual handling of lifting training your workforce that will not only fulfil your legal requirements for training, but also help the workforce understand and tackle the issues they face on a day-to-day basis.

Repetitive Task & Manual-handling

ART (Assessment Repetitive Task) & MAC (Manual-handling Assessment Chart) training

The health and safety executive require that all jobs are risk assessed and their tool of choice is either ART or MAC. We found amongst our customers that there was significant confusion about these tools, and how and when to apply them.

We therefore developed for our existing customers training packages to teach these tools to line managers and anybody else who would be performing the risk assessments.

A key part of the training is the interpretation of the results that are obtained from the process, as well as giving the assessors the confidence to go out and perform tests.

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First aid training

We are able to offer full HSE approved courses, either in the workplace or at our own locations.
We can offer the full first aid at work course or refresher courses on request.

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