Workspace Health

Workspace Health is a division of Sun Rehabilitation.  It is a specialist ergonomics company dedicated to looking after the musculoskeletal needs and well-being of 70% of the UK work population – the office worker.

Workspace Health’s mission is to provide an independent service to deliver not only DSE (Display Screen Equipment) compliance, but also give advice and assistance on active working strategies to improve the well-being and health of all employees.

Our Clients will only receive evidence-based and best practice solutions which deliver the best value for money.

Why choose Workspace Health?

  • Focused on delivering value
  • Providing ergonomic assessments, equipment and consultancy backed by research and development
  • Providing supportive on/offsite physiotherapy and occupational health
  • Proven experience across the Public, Private, Higher Education, NHS and Emergency Services’ sectors
  • UK wide expertise

The selection of services offered by Workspace Health are:

To contact us for further information please email on ring us on 01905 700 4016 or contact us via the Workspace Health website .