Helping UK business create productive teams

Our customers are blue chip and public sector companies based in the UK that have a requirement to control their musculoskeletal work absence and ensure that their employees are working safely in a role that is productive.

Occupational health services can be used in companies of all sizes but is under used and under served within the small to medium sized business community and Sun Rehabilitation are delighted to have a number of SME companies that they work with and who have experienced great returns on the investment made into musculoskeletal health services.


Typically our customers have challenges in the following areas

  • Absenteeism through injury at work

  • Long term chronic conditions that require management to ensure they do not exacerbate further

  • Long term restricted workers

  • Legal claims through injury at work

  • A need to promote health and well being in the workplace

Working with Us

What our customers receive from working with us is

  • Delivery of services within specified service level agreements within all contracts. We pride ourselves on delivering quality on time and in budget.

  • Telephone triage assessment and advice service for employees who are unable to attend a face to face consultation or have just declared an injury that is preventing them from performing an upstanding role at work

  • On site services – face to face rehabilitation of injury and pain within the workplace.  A key element of this is offering the employer advice on what the employee can safely do rather than focus on what they can’t do.

  • For individuals that cannot travel to a central point or it is desirable for them to be seen off site we have a network of physiotherapists around the UK who can deliver high quality rehabilitation and reporting regarding an employees fitness for work.

  • Ergonomic services – we perform job mapping on a shop floor to detail which jobs are suitable for employees who are carrying an injury and which jobs are not suitable for them.

  • Ergonomic assessments can also include ART and MAC assessments, DSE assessments and manual handling training.

  • Functional capacity evaluation. We evaluate an employees capability to work in quantitative terms so that we are able to clearly state what an employee can do safely in the workplace, rather than give an opinion which is purely subjective.

  • Functional Restoration Programmes – we run for our customers conditioning programmes to improve the health and well being of the employees. We see this as a particularly useful tool as all companies are now beginning to see that we need to keep an ageing workforce in productive work for longer.

  • All physiotherapists working for Sun Rehabilitation are experienced chartered physiotherapists with specific skills in musculoskeletal medicine and occupational health.  They are all registered with the Health & Care Professions Council.

If you recognise or are experiencing any of the challenges above in your workplace then please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you achieve better results with your workforce.