Every now and then, particularly in my career, the past seems to catch-up with me – unsurprisingly. Often, in the form of an OH Colleague who generously gets in touch regarding work they would like to send over to Sun Rehabilitation.

However, this time, it was from my previous life in Professional Sport. It is now 25-years since the momentous Warwickshire Cricket Season in which they won three out of four trophies, only missing out on the fourth by losing to Worcestershire in the NatWest final.

During this time, I was fortunate to be the Team Physiotherapist of Warwickshire Cricket Club. I would love to think I contributed in a small way to their success.

On reflection, many lessons can be learnt about how a bunch of ‘average journeymen Cricketers’ achieved such success. I can clearly see traits within this unique experience which can point us towards some core principles that can be applied to any business, any business which has the desire to be successful.

So, achieve your aims?

  • Audacious Goals

These are not just stated dreams that businesses alike spout on a regular basis but, were set in a clearly structured and defined way. Are your business goals so clear that you are driven to achieve them?

  • Belief

Everyone within Warwickshire Cricket Club bought into the dream that Bob Woolmer and Dermot Reeve had created. Outside the dressing room, nobody may have believed these dreams but, that did not stop us from doing so.

  • A Sprinkling of Magic

Having just broken the World Record Test Match score of 375, the arrival of Brian Lara provided that magic. Everyone needs to find that sprinkle of magic, something, or someone which can ignite passion and belief in abilities.

  • Innovation

Warwickshire were always looking at ways of disrupting the opposition. Looking in detail at how to get someone out by looking at the Batsman’s history, increasing their chances of winning; this was radical thinking in the 1990’s. Maybe nowadays sledging the business opposition isn’t the best idea, think about what you could do to give you marginal gain?

  • Sparks and Stabilisers

Dynamics can be highly polarised especially, in sport. There are people like Dermot Reeve who are brilliant in their unpredictability, compared to Tim Munton who was the stabiliser. No matter the calamity, he always calmed the waters and got on with the business. Have you got people in your business who are allowed to spark and stabilise? This, to me, is the equilibrium that is a key to success.

  • Extra Mile with a Smile

Cricket Training Nets can, quite frankly, be routine and boring, just like many business tasks can be. With Warwickshire Cricket Club, every training session was focused for a specific goal and time was allocated for fun, relaxing! The simple truth is, people work more productively if they are enjoying it.

Many components of Sports Medicine have been applied to my last 20-years in Occupational Health, along with the belief that a company success story can be modelled around previous successes, such as the Warwickshire Bears 1994 season.


In memory of Bob Woolmer, Richard Davies, Neil Abberley and Peter Austin.

The Greatest Season, Patrick Murphy.